I was given an apprenticeship at the first custom Polynesian tattoo shop in Honolulu—New Tribal Tattoo. My mentors were Sua Suluape Aisea, Po’oino Yrondi, Mike Ledger and Orly Locquiao. I am most inspired and driven by music. The Soul Signature family has assisted in reshaping the standards of tattoo artistry in Hawaii. I am proud to have contributed and participated in its growth and influence through style and study. Soul Signature has had its hands in the revival of the Filipino tattoo heritage and many other cultures that has found its reunion with their own roots. Soul Signature has a significant impact on the neo tribal movement that is now flourishing.

Soulsignature is located in the Paradise Park district of Oakland, California (open by appointment only, currently). Joel Albanez is available for local commissions, performances, personal/customized artwork, tattoo and musical collaborations. Joel travels frequently to Seattle, Washington and the island of Oahu, Hawaii – project planning with his convenient travel schedule is available.If you would like to commission Joel Albanez for a project please contact -[email protected]

For tattoo consultations and appointments contact -[email protected]

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