Leo Malaya. Where is this derived? This name is sacred to me. Its been 17 years now since I have been a father to my daughter Malaya. 17 years now i have been on this tattoo journey in parallel. The moment I became a father I became the ultimate student to my own life. It was also the same time I was offered an apprenticeship at “NEW TRIBAL TATTOO” Both these things came together and landed in both of my hands. Both were gifts and massive responsibilities. My Challenges my Rites of passage came for me. In both I’ve had to hone in on my courage to undergo both. Coming into tattooing I’ve always regarded to the bird ( the Aloe bird design ) which represented freedom thats obvious. My free flowing life eventually lead me to a more grounded place in my life at 22. The discipline came through having to learn this craft in a very very serious way. Those hard core apprenticeships do not exist anymore. Those years were formative for me as I was forging myself my Identity. 

The Leo design was always an innate characteristic I held in my heart and mind. Being Born under the house of LEO / VIRGO leadership and a deep profound way of thought was always in my DNA. I had first designed the Lion as a tribute to a high respect for Rastafari. Marley had a massive influence on all our psyches even till this day the prophet lives through a legacy. I admired that and hold that as key into my own way of life. The Leo was born out of that simply. A symbol of a heart that was prided in what is true to life. “JAH” I stuck with it as I had many many obstacles to overcome and conquer. Again this is a personal journey and it is my story. I crafted a design and many people took to the image and the depiction of a tribal Lion mixed and fused with that pacific - again I mention that Afro asiatic descendants. The Pharaonic lineage known in other forms as the sphinx. Note that my daughter is also of egyptian bloodline, just confirmation as it made it all come together as a beautiful story within the name itself. LEO MALAYA has always stood for-

“Conquer your fears, Master your freedom” 

Malaya is a term for independence and a name of the original peoples before King Phillip took to the Philippines as Spanish rule. Malaya points and suggests to go deeper into the Malays The Himalayas The Malayu people. The originals, so to remember our lineage in a truer sense

Leo considered my SOUL SIGNATURE - The bird flows while the Lion leads. Leading by example suggests always a student yet a teacher. 

So when you hear that name know that there is deep meaning and purpose to serve as a reminder for me. Where I come from and where i’ve been and where i’m headed in my journey. 

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